Monday, November 12, 2012


We were SO lucky to get a long weekend away this past weekend with BFFs.  A big shout out to my parents, Patrick, Miss Chivon, and Becky for letting us get away with it!  We are refreshed and energized and ready to tackle this whole parenting thing head on!  

We all drove separately and met up at Krebbs' favorite place....Tortugas.  A few appetizers and drinks in and the lights went all of Nags Head.  Since they stopped serving food/drinks, we decided to head to the dark house.  
We managed to find some flash lights, candles, and the gas fireplace.  Power came on right before we went to bed but we were all so tired we hit the sack.  Saturday morning, I woke up and saw this view out on our balcony.  OMG it was so beautiful and peaceful!  We stayed on the sound side this time and it was amazing.  
The house had 7 bedrooms (all of which had access to a balcony and all had their own bathroom!).  It had a common floor with a kitchen, living room, dining area, and enormous balcony.  The boys basically stayed here the whole time.  The girls left them like this...and came home to them the same way.  Meanwhile, the girls went shopping, got pedicures, ate lunch, and came home to nap.
 The house also had a private dock.

 The Sea La Vie
 We got to actually see the house Saturday morning as we left for our girl day.  BEAUTIFUL!
 This is the back of the house...
 Sunsets were fantastic.

Here Erin K and I are showing off our new purchases.....we expected to buy Coach bags but we both got new jackets instead.
 I finally figured out how to use the self timer on my camera so after a few attempts......

 We actually got a GREAT picture!  I LOVE these people!
 Another beautiful sunset...
 Erin K and Justin matched one was so funny...had to take a pic!
 Here's our pretty pedicured toes!
 OH and the house had an elevator!  And we DID NOT play in it AT ALL :)  ok, maybe a little.  Here's the twins and their jazz hands headed downstairs!
 We ate breakfast at Sam and Omie's then walked along the Nags Head pier.
 Lovebirds overlooking the pier (me and Tony)
 What's an adult weekend without Cards Against Humanity.....
 And a little drive ON THE BEACH....we almost got stuck....I wasn't happy with my husband.
 Much better....
 Testing out the panoramic feature on my phone.....everyone at Tortugas (again)
 and a view of the sound....

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