Saturday, April 14, 2012

The next Babe Ruth

I wish, I wish, I wish we could've gotten Vince into t-ball this year but he just barely missed the age cutoff (4 years old by April 30.....urgh)!  He LOVES playing ball.  Every single time we go outside he wants to hit.  Unfortunately for him, I'm not a good pitcher.  You see that jersey?  Daddy went to Chicago a few weeks ago and brought him back this Cubs jersey....its his favorite piece of clothing....he always wants to wear it.    

 Tonight, Daddy and Vince had a special father/son the SQUIRRELS GAME!
 Talk about one excited and happy boy.
From what I understand, it involved sodas and popcorn and snowcones and cotton candy....and lots of older women hitting on him (Vince, not least that's what I'm told!).

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  1. Vince, Grandma is such a sucker for you. You are too cute. I know other grandmas think that but I know my grandkids are the cutest and sweetest.