Saturday, April 7, 2012

Egg Hunt

Today we hosted an Easter Egg Hunt at our house.  We just had 4 kids (Vince, Nathan, Hannah, and Audrey....well, and the babies but they don't count) but I think they had a great time hunting and coloring and playing.  

 Yeah, this is what happens when I try to get all 4 kids together for a picture....and this was the best one :)

 Once everything was collected they all had to check out their loot....
 wearing bunny ears, of course.....

Then came time to color the eggs.  We used the Kool-Aid method I saw all over Pinterest (you don't have to use vinegar)...just mix 2/3 cup water and 1 packet of kool-aid.  I think they would've had fun no matter what method we used.  
I was actually really impressed.  They acted like pros....they took control and dyed the eggs all by themselves.

 I mean, they spilled some but isn't that what hoses are for?
 Nathan started peeling his egg....
 then devoured it....
and tried to talk Vince into chomping down too.....
 My picky kid wanted NOTHING to do with it :)

Here's what some of our eggs turned out to look like.  Considering that 4 3-4 year olds did this by themselves it's not too bad is it???
The rest of the afternoon was spent eating chocolate, drinking juice boxes, and playing hard core....then I sent the sugar overloaded children home with their mission was accomplished.

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