Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day

Ok, so pregnancy brain must've gotten me...I thought I published these 2 posts last week but apparently not....oops!

Mother's Day was pretty busy around here! We got up insanely early to have breakfast with my mom, dad, Alli, and Kendal. I must really love her to get up that early on mother's day and fight the crowd at Cracker Barrel. They were headed to church afterwards and I needed some quiet time to recuperate from the crazy morning (I don't handle crowds well) so we didn't get any pics with them. After Vince's nap, we headed to my in-laws.....but a quick 20 week photo-op first.

Do you have the Instagram app yet? If not, you should so get it....I love it! These next pics are altered with it.
Here's my mother-in-law and us:

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