Saturday, May 21, 2011

Easter Seals

Today was the day I've been preparing for the last few months......and I'm so glad it's over! The Easter Seals Walk With Me 5k took place at University of Richmond's Westhampton Lake today. 190 walkers came out....about 50 of whom were from CVS.
Here's me and my girls before the walk:
Yep, the kids have water and snacks and a wagon - they're ready to go!
Tony and Krebbs took turns lugging that extra 70lbs (lovingly referred to as our children). They may not have been happy with Erin and I here as we ducked out after lap 2 (of 5) and sat in the gazebo to rest.
But don't feel too bad for the men and kids, they joined us after lap 3:

Have I mentioned how great this kid's smile is? I have?? Ooops!
Here's some of my team coming across the bridge to start the last lap.....while we continued to rest :)
Then the kids found the bouncy house....and it was all over. They better sleep good today!
Finally, here's me and my amazing staff! Our team won the award for largest team (28 members...obviously not all are pictured here)! Our team raised about $3000 but our region (state of VA) raised almost $35,000! So proud of everyone!

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