Thursday, December 9, 2010

Ho Ho Ho!

Today was our big Santa visit! Of course we met up with Hannah and Erin at the Children's Museum. The kids "patiently" waited in line (well, as patiently as any 2 year olds wait in line).....
Vince liked the giant teddy bears:
Even gave out some hugs:
He did a great job on Santa's lap! No tears, no screaming! Here's the "official" picture:
Vince even got to talk into the microphone and told everyone that he wanted "a castle and books" for Christmas:
I was able to snap this pic as Vince and I were finishing up. Here's Erin and Hannah talking to the "Snow Princess", waiting to get to Santa. Her Santa visit went about as well as last year.....not so great! That's ok, one day she'll get a good picture!
Than Hannah and Vince played in the little "Christmas around the world" area:

And rode the choo-choo outside the museum:
Smooching in the back of the train....shhhh don't tell her daddy!
Hannah was SO excited! Isn't she absolutely precious?!?!
Too bad she couldn't smile and giggle like this with the big jolly fella:

Where was that smile 15 minutes ago??

I can't believe Christmas is almost here! Sure hope Santa brings a castle and books for my little man :)

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