Sunday, April 5, 2015

March Re-cap

I swear, I try so hard to keep up with the blog and I think I'm doing well then I see it's been over a month.  OOOOPS!  Sorry grandmas, sorry Cory.  

With the nice weather came bikes and scooters...

 Dom and I had a Mommy Day not long ago.  He requested pancakes, cereal, toast, and bacon.  Done and Done.  I love this kid.
 Sweetest face ever.
 My 2 sweet boys.

 The boys finally got to meet Baby Parker.  They fell in love.

 Me and Dommy
 I traded in the this new thing instead.  I wasn't sure about having a car vs the van with the boys but its working out just fine....and both bikes fit in the trunk perfectly.
 Lucky Charm treats - thanks to a recipe from my friend Cory.  She did warn me that they were like crack - and she was right!
 Erin and I took Vince and Hannah out on a big kid  date night.  Vince even brought her flowers.  I love these two cuties.
 After dinner we tried ice skating.
 Erin and Hannah did great. Me and Vince, not so much.  He was terrified.

 Next up - ice cream!  WHOOHOO!
 I love spring.  I love flowers...but I usually don't buy them for some reason.  I did this time...and I loved them!

 Grandma and grandpa came up and we all went out for sweet frog.  Yumm...

 I have had the same glasses for about 10 years....we won't talk about how I saw anything with them.  I finally got a new pair.  Whatcha think?
 I got out of the shower one day to find this.  He LOVES books lately.  Loves reading and being read to.  So cute.
 I put on a Captain America shirt and he had to mach me!
 We were all superheroes that day!

 Look mom, your car has a sword holder built in!
Next up - St Patricks Day

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  1. LOVE these pics and those glasses! And I buy myself flowers once a week..someone has to and i LOVE them...esp tulips.
    Thanks for the update!! :)