Monday, February 23, 2015

February Recap

TONS more pictures!  Sorry, not sorry :)  

Dom and I have a few minutes before speech therapy and sometimes get a chance to have breakfast together.  This morning we had Sugar Shack donuts.  YUMMMMM!  
 Do you remember a few months ago I bought a cuff bracelet from FarmGirl Paints but I was really torn between which one to get?  Well, she opened up her shop again and I ordered the other one.  It says Stronger than yesterday.  She posts the boxes of finished cuffs on Instagram and I got to see mine before it was even shipped.  Its the third one down on the left.  Love it.
 Here it is once I got it!
 All this snow and cold, I needed something bright and pretty to cheer me up.  These did the trick!
 Snuggles with my man.
 How convenient that Valentines day was on a Saturday!  I got to have a big party for the kids.  The normal crew came (V, D, Hannah, Ellie, and Eli).  We played lots of games, did a craft, and ate lots and lots of candy, cupcakes, and donuts.  The mom's loved me.  (not)

 Yeah, these 2 needed hair cuts, big time.  We went to see Spongebob then get haircuts.  Talk about a day of torture for mom.  They are great when they're actually in the chair getting the cut....its the waiting "patiently" for their turn part that kills me.
 Yeah, don't be fooled by the cuteness, this display is gonna go down in 5....4....3...2...1...
 Dom waiting for Vince to get finished....found their stash of suckers in their office.  Pretty sure they'll be glad if we never go back.
 Yeah, not a fan of this snow, especially when I have to go to work regardless.
 So, I've been battling with Dom to sleep in his bed and stay in his bed for awhile now.  The Elf helped then we reverted back and this mama is grumpy when she doesn't get enough sleep so I needed drastic measures.  Dom saw a commercial or something for Build A Bear so I promised him that if he stayed in his bed for a straight week, we would go.  Well, that kid loves a bribe and he did it.  Not only did he stay in his bed, he woke up dry everyday too!  AMEN! Thank you baby Jesus!

 He picked out Iron Man....but insisted on naming him Peter Parker.  It wasn't worth the fight.  He's happy, I'm happy.  And doesn't he look so much older with this haircut???  I love it short though!

 Sword fighting.
 A family that sword fights together, stays together...or something like that.
Wow, that was a lot of pics.  Sorry.  I always say this but I'll try to do better.

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  1. I love our mutual love for the holidays!!! Still wish we lived closer!