Sunday, July 6, 2014

July thus far...

How is it July already?  Seriously?  Dom's birthday is in 2 months!! STOP STRESSING ME OUT!  HAHA!
As per usual...I had a mini party for the boys for the 4th.  Seriously, Party City loves when I walk in the door.  I never spend much but I buy the most tacky and obnoxious decorations and the kids love it....and I save it for next year!  

 Vince's favorite - cinnamon rolls with icing and Dom's favorite - fruit!  Done and Done.

 Love crazy selfies.
 I am so smitten with this kid its ridiculous.
 We went to Lewis Ginter Saturday morning.  The boys liked the hula hoops, Vince is actually really good at it.

 But the water area was where the action was...they had a blast!

 "Look Mom, it looks like I'm peeing" - and about 5 moms stared at me and said "Boys will be boys"...

We worked up an appetite so we tried out the new Bojangles for the first time! YUMMO!
 We hit up Kangaroo Jac's this morning and it wore Dom out!  He took a 3 hr nap!

 Lastly, we met Eli and Sara at the park for some fun this afternoon!  What a busy weekend!
 These 2 were so cute chasing the big boys around.  I'm so sad they won't be in daycare together anymore but that's ok, we'll still hang out all the time!
And that's it folks, all caught up on the last 2 months around here!  Hopefully I'll be back before another 2 months passes!

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