Sunday, August 10, 2014

Superheroes and Princesses

Hi again!  We're still all here!  Better late than never, right?  We had Hannah and Ellie over a few weeks ago for playtime....and pictures.  I love that they all cooperate (well, not as much Ellie) and let me dress them up and take their pictures.  There was no bribery at all...ok thats a total lie, there may have been candy offered up at the end.  

 Iron Man and Anna (from Frozen)
 AWWWWWW....shhh, don't tell her dad...

 Ellie would NOT stand with everyone else but I got a good one of her alone!

 Dom telling Vince to move away from his woman.
 Vince took a couple pics this one of me and Hannah Belle..
 Me and Dom...
 And this beautiful one of Hannah...
 After playtime, they all chilled on the couch with ipads....perfect day!

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