Sunday, June 3, 2012

Dom's first real food

I don't know why but I decided to try and give Dom chopped up/mushed up real food yesterday (and some flavored water aka "juice" in a sippy cup) if he's not growing up too fast on his own here I am speeding it up.  He had some cut up/shredded chicken and cooked carrots.
 I think the verdict was that he LOVED it.  I thought I heard him ask for a steak.... :)
 He didn't quite get the hang of the sippy cup yet.
 He couldn't tip it up enough to get anything out of it and would just get frustrated....
 Then I had Tony take a couple pics of just me and Dom (since Vince was spending the day/night with Nathan.....more on that to come).

 It's all I can do to "throw" him up like that....he's not all.
We enjoyed our day with just Dom but we sure did miss his big brother.  The next post will be about his day with Nathan and Uncle Patrick!

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  1. Very cute pics!! And i feel your pain when I try to do anything like that with William. Love my chunky boy! :)