Sunday, June 10, 2012

Happy 11th Anniversary

This weekend didn't turn out to be the anniversary weekend we had hoped for but I guess that's what parenthood is about.  We originally wanted to get out of town for the weekend then changed our minds and decided to just get a babysitter Saturday night and go out to dinner....well, that was before Vince got a stomach bug.  He started running a fever Friday afternoon/evening then got sick really early Saturday morning.  Poor guy, he didn't get off the couch all day.  So, we cancelled our plans to stay home with him and just ordered Maggiano's take out and rented a movie on AppleTV.  Poor daddy even gave up the bed to let Vince sleep with me.  So yes, Tony spent our anniversary night on the couch....guess we'll always remember that one!  

Meanwhile, Dom was such a good boy (thank goodness).  I gave him a teething cookie thing.....its probably not a surprise that he loved it!  

Sunday was pretty much the same.  Vince was still sick but doing better.  We didn't even get out of our jammies all weekend.  BUT, the big news from today was this:

We have a crawler!!!!

Yep, we're in big trouble!

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