Saturday, May 19, 2012


Uploaded pics from my phone again.....enjoy the photos.

Dom "chilling like a villain" (as his brother would say) in his crib.....he's getting too big too fast.  
Pigging out on garden vegetable baby food and puffs:
Vince wanted this dental play doh set for his birthday.  It even comes with a drill to make holes in the teeth....he's in love :)  
Looks like Buddy and Nut (yeah, Tony won the cat's name battle) have become BFF's...
I was able to get off work for Vince's birthday and spent the entire day doing whatever he wanted.  He wasn't afraid to remind me that he was the boss that day. We played with his new play-doh and legos, went to kangaroo jac's and bounced all morning, ate chicken nuggets, french fries and chocolate milk at McDonalds, played putt-putt, and went out for ice cream.  I hope he had a great day!
 I am SO in love with these boys!

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