Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Bird-day Vince

My baby is 4!!  Where has the time gone?  Yesterday was the big party and we celebrated Angry Birds style!  I ordered these adorable invitations from Etsy.  
What better place for an angry birds party than the bowling alley where we could throw some balls and knock down some pins!!  I'm kinda bummed you can't see the banner I made but it says "Happy Bird-day Vince".  

The party favor bags (with angry bird fruit snacks, tattoos, stickers, rings, and coloring sheets):

The tables with the masks I made.  I was afraid the kids wouldn't want to wear them but most of them did:)
The awesome cupcakes one of my tech's daughters made!  They were amazing!
Someone couldn't wait to get his hands on them!
Ok, enough details....time for the fun part....BOWLING!!!!

Not all of the kids wanted to pose for a picture but here's most of their masks:) love it!!

Time for pizza....

And cupcakes.....yuuuuummmmmm!
and singing....
and wish making....

and presents....

He got tons of awesome stuff!  I'll upload video of that as soon as I get a chance.

No, I don't know that man in the socks and father of mine would wear that :)  haha!
Of course Vince wanted to play with everything as soon as we walked in the door.  Here's the hot wheels track we got him.  It's loud, it's fast, he loves it :)
and so does the kitty.....

It was a great party!  I think everyone had fun but most importantly I know Vince did!  Thanks to everyone who shared the day with us and thanks to Uncle Patrick for taking most of the pics!  Now it's time to start planning Dom's first birthday party....its only 4 months is that possible?

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