Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Whatchu talking bout, Willis?

Tony and I had our first baby appointment today! Of course the ultrasound looks like a peanut but it's the cutest little peanut ever! The Dr said I'm measuring at 7 weeks (which isn't as far along as we thought) and my due date is Sept 20, 2011. Hopefully this pregnancy will be a little different and I won't get pregnancy induced hypertension (which landed me in the hospital for 3 LONG weeks on bed rest) but she assured me they are gonna watch me like a hawk.

Vince recognizes and is excited that there is a baby in my belly (but I'm not sure he understands how that's gonna change his world). He already kisses my belly and says hi to the baby. We asked him the other day what he wanted to name the baby and he said, "Willis, Willis is great." Where do kids get this stuff? So, we're gonna call the baby Willis while its in my belly......at least until we find out if we're having a girl!!!!


  1. Willis is an absolute doll! Glad you guys had such a great appointment! :-)

  2. That's hysterical!! But congrats again! :)