Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mr. Grumpy Pants

I've been so bad at taking pictures lately (mostly b/c all I want to do is sleep), but with the weather being so nice today I dusted off the camera in hopes of a few good shots. Unfortunately, a sweet little boy laid down for a nap but Mr. Grumpy Pants woke up in his place. This is the type of picture I got for the first few minutes:
And then that mean terrible wind started blowing (which he clearly didn't appreciate) and he started spitting and screaming at the case anyone is wondering, he IS his father's son :)
But fear not, we cheered up with a quick game of Hide N Seek.
Finally, a few smiles:
Maybe even some laughter:
And definitely some "I'M RIGHT HERE" screams of joy.....which makes playing Hide N Seek really easy for me!
Hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful SPRING weather!

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