Thursday, November 11, 2010

Falling for Fall....

I LOVE THIS WEATHER (which really means I love taking pictures this time of year because the colors are amazing)! I promised Vince yesterday that we would go to the park today, so we did! Even better though our park has a museum/farm attached to it and he was so excited when I said we would go see the animals! We'd never been to that part before so I was hoping it wouldn't disappoint and it didn't! They only had sheep, cows, and a horse but they also had a bridge, rocks, and acorns.....need I say more, GRANDMA????? This boy loves to throw just about anything he can get his hands on into the water....a nice trick grandma showed him :) Anyway, this is basically just a picture post....enjoy!

For the record, I did have him in gloves b/c it was pretty chilly but that lasted about 5 seconds...he couldn't pick up rocks very well ;)

I asked him to show me his silly face:

This picture really captures our kid.....just all out, balls to the wall, crazy :) and I LOVE IT!
Ok, maybe this one does too:

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