Sunday, January 4, 2015

Bye bye Elfie

Ummm....its 2015!  What the what?  How and when did that happen? Ok, so I owe you a few posts!!
Here's what Elfie was up to the last few days before Christmas:

He made his own Christmas tree:
 And a hot air balloon ride in Dom's undies (he thought this was hilarious!):
 Tic tac toe with a minion

 HO HO HO Who has to go???  HAHAHA!
Someone is ready for summer:

 Uh oh, trapped by soldiers:
Naughty naughty boys:

Making smores by firelight:
Train conductor Elfie
Totally stole this idea.  Where is Elfie?  Yeah, he's INSIDE that yellow balloon.  Don't ask, it was not easy.  

 There, you can kinda see him.

 The last morning- Elfie is off to the North Pole in a rocket ship.
I sure hope Dom continues to sleep in his bed even without Elfie around.  Till next year, Elfie!

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