Sunday, December 14, 2014

Gingerbread houses

Today was our annual gingerbread house decorating party and it was AWESOME!  Here was the setup....I only got 4 b/c we didn't expect Ellie to participate (and Eli had to leave early so it all worked out anyway).

 The Zatelli boys are ready to go!

 We had so much fun!

 The kids actually did it all themselves this year!  Last year, us moms had to do all the work after the kids got bored in like 10 minutes.

 There were plenty of breaks for candy but they rocked it.

 LOOK....Ellie participating and having fun!
 Ellie smiling for me intentionally!  Who is this new Ellie??

 Vince's train...

 I tried so hard to get them all to cooperate (in their matching red aprons) for a picture....there were a ton of outtakes...
 Love Hannah's laugh here...
 But I actually managed to get 4 kids jacked up on sugar and icing to look at the camera at the same time.  SUCCESS!!
 The finished products (Hannah and Ellie's, Dom's in the middle, Vince's on the right).  Vince took this train very seriously and stayed at the table to decorate after every one else went to play.
I can't believe what a difference a year makes!  These kids were amazing and we had lots of fun!  Loving this time of year!

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