Sunday, January 4, 2015

Instagram Upload (Christmas edition)

Sorry this is late.  Christmas was great!  The boys must've been good this year b/c they sure did get a lot of gifts.  Lucky ducks.  

It's not very often anymore that this kiddo falls asleep on me but I love it when he does.  Look at those cheeks!  
 Breakfast date at Panera before speech.  He loves pumpkin muffins....mostly for the powdered sugar though I'm guessing.
 I may have brought Elfie to work one day.  The verdict :  My techs are naughty and aren't getting any gifts :)  jk, love them!
 Coffee for mom, hot chocolate for the boys...
 We went to see Christmas lights one night and this was outside a house:
 Holy lights:
 Christmas gift from my techs:  I love them!
 Christmas eve tradition - matching jammies! LOVE THEM!
 Santa's cookies!

 Santa came:

 7 took 7 minutes to open all their presents:

 Got to hold baby Parker on Christmas day!
Dom and Vince were wrestling - Dom hit a table....Dom ended up with STAPLES..yes, I said STAPLES in his head.  Such a trooper.

 But he was just fine the next day.  Look at that face.  God, I love him.
 Sam and I went shopping one day.  Picked up these 2 cuties on the way back and grabbed some DQ.  Such a fun day!

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  1. Staples.. I can't even..ouch! But glad you guys had a great Christmas! Oh and 7 minutes is hilarious.. I should have timed us!