Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Messy day

It was a rainy and cold day so we stayed home and did a little painting.....

This was Dom's first time.  I knew he would be a complete mess....and he didn't disappoint.  I laid out a big shower curtain, some paper, a canvas, brushes, and lots of paint.  Pretty sure most of the paint ended up on him...see for yourself:
Haha...I love this look:

Vince tried to play cool doing the hand print thing but I knew the paint on his hands was driving him crazy:)

Sure enough, as soon as he made his handprint, he went to wash up.  
Dom could've played all day....

 Thanks to Crayola for washable AND non-toxic paint....
 I could eat him up...paint and all.

I think it's time for a bath....

I ended up giving him a shower so he didn't sit in the painty water...Vince screams like a girl anytime I try to use the shower "hose" to wash him....Dom thought it was awesome.  I love how completely different my boys are....it makes life interesting and unpredictable...and a little crazy :)

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  1. Oh goodness! What an awesome momma you are! That looked like so much fun! Maybe I should let my kids do that...doubt it! lol but it maybe! And secondly, I think my chunk weighs more than your chunk. Dom doesn't seem to have a big belly like William! too cute!