Tuesday, December 22, 2015

November/December Recap

I love this time of year but its SO BUSY!  Lots of fun stuff happening....

Santa visit!

 This kid....

 Dom's school pic.  I swear, he is the cutest damn thing I've ever seen.
 The girls and I went to Charlottesville to hit up a couple wineries for my bday!  I LOVE THESE GIRLS!

 Thanksgiving Day with Parker Poo....

 Cutest 2nd cousins ever!
 So, my super funny sister MADE me this shirt after my half marathon.  I died laughing.
 Our tree this year!
 Tommy got a new tree with new superhero ornaments.

 Waiting for family pics!  We'll take some selfies!

 Anyone remember these kids?????  Thank goodness for TimeHop!
 I did the Tacky Lights Run with my friend Lakhena.  She was super tacky!

 She glowed so much it didn't come out in pics!
 Tacky Sweater day at work!  Me and my girl Felicia.

 Heidi and I tackying it up!

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