Saturday, November 29, 2014

The return of Elfie Picklepants

Yep, that's right....its that time of year to threaten my kids with "The Elf is gonna tell Santa" to get their best behavior.  I'm not ashamed.  Here's this year's calendar of Elf Shenanigans:
He made his appearance on Thanksgiving morning.  

 He brought toys, candy, coloring books, and an Olaf doll.
 And donuts!

 Give this kid new pencils and a math book and he's a happy camper.
 I made ornaments out of some Frozen figurines...Dom is gonna love it for his tree!
The first night, Elfie played Minecraft...

 He's such a creeper (you'll understand if you know Minecraft)...but ironically, he is kinda creepy.
Day 2 Elfie cut down a Christmas tree and tied it to his truck....maybe we'll do that this weekend too!  
 Well, we don't have the big tree yet but Vince decorated his...
 And Dom decorated his.....

We have some other things to cross off our Christmas bucket list: letting the kids pick out 1 ornament for the big tree each year (holy crap they're expensive).
 And circling  the toys they want from Santa when the catalogs come...
Advent Book reading: aka the worst form of torture ever....I HATE wrapping but I love reading these books so I guess its ok!

I'll try to post Elfie updates every week or so so keep checking back!  

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