Sunday, November 2, 2014


Another Halloween already gone.  Crazy!  It was a good one though!  I love that the boys are at such a good age for it!  First up - throw back halloweens....

2008 - My little monkey 
 2009 - I was sick as a dog with pneumonia but I had to take some pics of the cutest pirate EVER!
 2010 - DJ Lance Rock - our annual trick or treating at Erin K's mom's house began....
 2011 - Spiderman
 I couldn't choose so poor Dom was a pumpkin...
 and a dragon...He looks unimpressed.
 2012 - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
 2013 - Mario and Luigi
Introducing the 2014 Zatelli boys as The Incredible Hulk.....
and a Ninja (come to find out this costume was too good, I couldn't find him when we were trick or treating....scared the crap out of me)....

Oh, and their Minion Mommy....

We love going to Erin K's mom's neighborhood to trick or treat.  SO MANY KIDS and SO MUCH FUN!  They always have food and beverages for the kids and adults!  One of my favorite traditions.  
Here are Vince, Allison (as bumblebee), Colleen (as Elsa - both girls are Erin's nieces), Hannah (as Princess Anna), Dom, and Eli (as Wilson from Chuggington).  

 Princess Anna and Elsa

 The loot at the end of the night.  The boys were hilarious.  Dom was leading the pack and literally ran to every house....until the end when he crashed.  He would get candy, then sit on the people's porch steps waiting for everyone.  He was whooped!
 Here are my other CVS minions.  It was fun dressing up for the first time.
 My awesome partner got me wine and chocolate for my bday....she knows me too well!
 My techs got me a cake!  Love them!
 Random addition- here's Vince's 1st grade school picture! Such a handsome fella!
I can't wait to see what 2015 has in store for Halloween!  

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