Monday, October 27, 2014

Look who's 3

Stole this cutie for a few 3 year pics.  
Funny story - one morning when we were snuggling in bed, I told Dom "Dommy, you will always be my baby even when you're grown and married and have kids of your own".  I kid you not, he said "mommy, you stressing me".  Vince and I died laughing.  It was hilarious.  Where did that come from?
 OMG. That's all I can say....OMG. This face.
 I'm in so much trouble.

Dominic, you are absolutely amazing.  You are such a shining light and fresh breeze.  You never stop smiling.  You love life.  Your laugh is infectious.  You are always up to something, I just have to try and outsmart you.  You love exerting your independence.  You never want help.  You love driving your brother insane and you do it so effortlessly that it seriously cracks me up.  You are ornery but also so incredibly sweet.  You are a huge snuggler and I love my Dommy sugar.  I can't get enough of you.  I am one proud mommy and you will always be my baby...even if that stresses you!

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