Monday, May 19, 2014

Has it really been a month?

We're still alive!  I can't believe it's been a month since my last post.  Where does the time go? We have a lot to catch up on so grab a snack b/c you'll be here awhile!  

Ummm...I'm sorry, who gave you permission to grow up, kid?  He looks so old here!
 I got to chaperone Vince's field trip to the zoo a few weeks ago.  Clearly the giraffes were a hit.  Funny story:  The parents were given iPads to take with us to the zoo so the kids could use them to take pics of the animals for a documentary they were making.  Really?  Kindergarten?  iPads on field trips?  Boy have times changed.
 This kiddo wants nothing more than to join big brother on the baseball field.  Even in his pjs and rain boots.
 Yep, love these boys!
 The beautiful weather calls for some putt putt!  I was afraid someone was gonna get hit in the head with a club.
The next day we had quite a scare.  We had just gotten to the baseball field when Dom tripped and fell.  He braced his fall and cut his hands.  A few minutes later he was pale and weak and limp and vomited a little.  We called 911, they put an IV in for fluids and he didn't even budge.  By the time we got to the hospital he was better.  They kept him 3-4 hours and he was absolutely fine.  So weird.  The Dr thinks he just shocked himself and had an exaggerated response.  Look at this kid....he's FINE!  God, I love him!  So freaking cute, even hooked up to monitors!
 This is what he should wear...EVERY SINGLE DAY.
 Vince had a piece of art displayed in the high school nearby so we had to go see it.  Its called Shadow Cat.  There were only a handful of K pictures displayed.  We were proud!
 Usually at Vince's games I'm chasing Dom....or calling 911, apparently BUT I got a few pics one day.  Here's my little lefty.

 HAHA!  Love his energy!

Little bro likes playing along the sidelines too....
 Yes, we live at the baseball field.  Identity crisis...spiderman or superman????
 I couldn't have lunch at school with Vince on his bday (b/c I worked) so I went a few days earlier and surprised him!
 This knight in shining armor.
 Such a sweet sleeper.
 Vince's end of the year Kindergarten program!  SO CUTE!

 Friday was a BIG DAY here.....Vince is 6!  How is that possible??  My baby is 6!  Surprise trip to Dave N Busters was in order!  He was bummed it wasn't Chuck E Cheese....until we got there!  Then he was in heaven!

 A little bday cake...
This kid always cracks me up!
 Someone got some Pokemon cards and it kept him entertained for hours!
 Waking up and watching cartoons in bed isn't a bad start to the day!
 Last minute run to Party City for balloons meant trying on a few fun hats!  What a bunch of jokesters!
 Speaking of balloons.....
 I sunk your battleship!

Next up.....THE BIG PARTY!

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