Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Our week in pictures

Time just goes by so fast!  How am I potty training my baby? I mean, seriously? How?  He's been doing great!  Had one bad day but it was our fault too for not reminding him a lot.  He will pee and poop on the potty at home and at school!  So proud of our big boy!  Its really only b/c he has Buzz Lightyear pullups that he wants to wear ALL THE TIME (Mama Buzz, Mama Buzzzz, MAMA BUZZZZZZZ..this is what I wake up to lately).  I told him if he was gonna wear pull ups then he had to pee on the potty or else he was gonna go back to baby diapers.  It worked!
 Dom's learning to take selfies...
Vince was playing the Wii and Dom was bored....which means trouble.  He was just trying to irritate his big brother by getting in his way....as usual.
Playing with Thomas trains....
Love that boy!
A little cuddle time with my favorite people.  Again, Dom irritating Vince by putting his hand on Vince's face.
 We sure do snuggle a lot around here....and I love every minute of it.
 Someone is obsessed with oranges.  He will eat 3-4 in one sitting.  He's also mastered the "CHEESE" face....not the best for pics but adorable nonetheless.
Decorating his mailbox for Valentine's Day.  I'm counting down to V-Day with a little treat in their mailbox every day.  Dom will gladly take any excuse to have candy in the morning.
Nobody die of shock, ok.  I have started cooking more....like a lot more...like I've cooked more since the beginning of the year than I have my whole life...that may be an exaggeration but not by much!  Anyway, this guy doesn't approve of me being in the kitchen...he found a way to be close.
 We tried undies this weekend....but I don't think we're "there" yet.  Funny Dom story though:  He was wearing Rex undies (the dinosaur from Toy Story).  He grabbed himself and yelled "Mama ROAR"....I almost died laughing so hard.  He is something else.
 Sunday was AMAZING outside.  We took a family trip to the mall just to walk around and window shop....literally....
 Ok we may have done more than just window shop...I got some new kicks...
 And we all got some yummy candy from the new candy store....
 These boys wanted ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with me.  They would only hold daddy's hand and let daddy carry them....ummm, OK...makes shopping much easier for me :)
 Wall o'candy...
 There's this new app called Waterlogue...turns pics into water color pictures...I'm slightly obsessed.  Look how cute all these simple pics turned out!
I think I'm gonna have to print this bad boy out and frame it...I LOVE IT!  

 This turned out really cute too!
Vince usually comes home with greens or purples (good or awesome) but yesterday and today he has gotten yellows (not so good).  When he comes home with yellows ALL electronics are gone for the day.  This time they're gone for 3 days...and he had to write "I will not talk in class. I will listen to my teacher." 10 times each.  He was less than thrilled about it!  I LOVE this picture.  It makes me laugh every time I see it.
Ok, here are some really cute videos from the last week or two.  This is Dom telling us something is cold...love it!

Here is Dom hiyah-ing....which means Power Rangers...duh.

And lastly, The Dominator beating up his big brother....again....

Have a good week, everyone!  

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  1. cute pics!! and GO DOM with potty training. i'll be there soon enough..and i love your new kicks! reminds me of "pinterest told me to". :)