Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Garden Fest of Lights

The Krebbs clan joined us tonight for the Lewis Ginter Garden Fest of Lights.  It was beautiful....and luckily not too terribly cold!  We ran into some carolers while we were walking.  I tried to get Vince to join them but he got shy on me.  
Unlike his father (and grandfathers), Vince did look at the map.
He took being the map-reader very seriously.  He kept saying we had to go where the map tells us to go.  Someone watches too much Dora if you ask me.

 The kids were not cooperative with me taking pictures...at all.  They wouldn't stand there and look at the camera but they would hug....I take what I can get :)
 Not a great picture but this is me, Vince, Erin, and Hannah:

 Women would be SO jealous of this kid's red lips.
 Vince checking out the huge Christmas tree.
 Clearly, Vince was over it at this point.  Time to go!
We had a good time seeing the pretty lights....especially Dom.  He loved being strolled around watching the lights, he threw a fit when we left.

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