Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Eve

We headed over to Patrick and Julie's house for dinner and a gift exchange on Christmas Eve.  As always, their house was beautiful!  

It took the boys approximately 0.04 seconds to start playing games on Nathan's iPad.
Then came the rough-housing.  These two are ALL BOY!

 Yes, that is my dad trying to give my baby beer.
 He must've liked it :)
 Julie working hard on the delicious dinner.
The best present under the big little fella.
 Giving some love to Matt.

 Vince geeking out, waiting for Uncle Patrick to play Santa:
 Let's open some gifts already...

 Matt's girlfriend, Brandy, made all the boys these cute hats (Dom got one too...and some matching booties).  I've gotta get her to teach me how to knit.  Clearly, Nathan was very into this Real Steel fighting game, I love that face :)
While the boys were entertained with their new toys, the adults played a few rounds of Catch Phrase.  We were having so much fun that we didn't even leave till almost 9:30-10pm (which, if you know us is unheard of....our kids are in bed on schedule every night - I'm kinda nutty about it).  Thanks for hosting another great family gathering!  

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  1. Thanks, Patrick and Julie and Tony and Erin for such a great Christmas Eve.Love you all.Mom