Saturday, August 6, 2011

Cute as a Button

Erin K and I threw a baby shower for our friend Sara today. Like any party, it took a lot of planning and work but boy oh boy, getting it done with 2 women who are 8 months pregnant was a miracle! I think we pulled it off pretty well though and she got tons of goodies for Eli.

Here's our super cute invites (we're very proud of our decor - all of which we stole from Pinterest):
The limeade drink station:
With the buttoned up mason jar glasses:
The AMAZING cupcakes made by my talented mother-in-law. Seriously, when I opened the container and smelled them, I thought I had died and gone to heaven...and then I may have devoured a few...maybe.
Corn dip, chocolate covered strawberries, chicken salad rolls, cheese and crackers....I could've stayed right next to the food table the entire time.

Eli's room is going to be a dinosaur theme so Erin K found these adorable onesies and had the bibs made. One says "Eli" and the other says "Future Computer Nerd" - if you knew his daddy you'd understand!
I made this button E for his room:
We wanted to give Sara things to decorate with so we had everyone leave their thumbprint and name.
It turned out cuter than we'd hoped:
Everyone filled out a Mad Libs Words of Wisdom keep-sake:
The most fun was a bottle chugging's the willing participants:
I gotta say, we were quite impressed with the winner. Her bottle was empty when the other girls had like half theirs left.
The wonderful gifts:
Beautiful Sara:
I'm not showing all the pics of her presents but here's a few to show the super cute dinosaur bedding:

Another belly shot of the 3 of us (me 33 weeks, Sara 25 weeks, Erin K 31 weeks)....note to self, always wear black, it makes your belly look much smaller than it really is:


  1. You did a great job!!! I love the button theme!!

  2. Looks like SUCH a fun day - good job, ladies! I LOVE the thumbprint dinosaur!! I can see the effects of Pinterest :-) :-)