Sunday, April 10, 2011

16 Week Update

Here's my big belly at 16 weeks! I can't believe we only have 4 more to go till we find out what we're having! Time flies! My appointment this week was uneventful....which is a good thing. My blood pressure was let's hope I can keep that going!
What you can't see under that dress (which is the very reason I'm wearing a dress) a nasty big ol' burn on my left upper thigh. You'd think I'd know by now that me being in the kitchen is just a bad idea all around. I was trying to make decaf tea (so I wouldn't feel so guilty about wanting tea all the time). When I went to pour the boiling water into the pitcher, it shattered, and the water went all over me leaving me with a lovely 2nd degree burn. It's healing and looking better every day but still pretty gnarly. It sure would've been nice to take some real pain meds occasionally but alas, Tylenol has been my friend.

On a happier note, our other good friends Justin and Sara are expecting also! She's due in November and we're so excited for them! So if you're counting, our "group" will be going from 2 kids to 5 in a matter of months....pretty soon they're gonna start outnumbering the adults!

Here's a few pics of me, Erin, and Sara from last year... you'll notice some things are going to change this year:

1) We won't be wearing bikini's (well, Sara might b/c she's tiny....but we still love her)

2) We won't be drinking wine from solo cups

3) We won't be out late drinking mojitos

We are very excited to welcome 3 new babies this year! Should be fun :)

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