Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Playing catch up

I apologize in advance for the 9,000 pics I'm about to post.  I have 2 months or so to catch up on!  

One of my best friends, Will, is getting married next year.  I took a day off to go look at venues with him.  We had WAY too much fun!  I can't wait to do it again!  Here we are at the VMFA.  I'm pretty sure we are never allowed back there.....

 Oh my little Dominic.  You crack me UP!
 Ellie chilling at the pool.
 I took the boys to a couple Tae Kwon Do lessons but the timing of class just doesn't work with our schedule and Dom suddenly became terrified of it so we didn't continue it.  But boy did they look adorable in their outfits.

 Squirrels game!

 Yeah, we kinda lived at the pool this summer and it was awesome!  Nathan came up one day too!

 Another one of my best friends, Trudy, celebrated her 40th bday.  Her husband sent us to Red Door Spa for the day (massage, mani, pedi) and it was as amazing as it sounds!

 What?  Erin with painted nails?????  I loved it, but it only lasted like 3-4 days.
 Then we had a surprise dinner for her!

 Dom was having a really really rough morning one day.  Argumentative, talking back, yelling, crying.  Swore he wasn't tired.....then this happened about 2 seconds after laying his head down.
I was nominated for and won Regional Preceptor of the Year for CVS and spoke in front of the interns (I hate public speaking).  Here are 5 of my fabulous interns.  Do I look 14 years older than these kids??  I don't feel as old as I am.
 My angry bird with an angry bird.
 So while we were at the beach, these 2 girls talked me into training and running the half marathon with them in November.  Here we are right before our first training run.  I'm proud to say I am up to 5 miles....only 8.1 more to go!
 After the first run!
 A little pre-dinner archery.
 Fun with Hannah at the park
 A little mommy time to get my roots back!
 ALL DAY EVERY DAY these 2 fight and argue and bicker.  I was so tired of it in the car one day I said, FINE, next time you two argue you have to hold hands the WHOLE way home.  It was silent for a few minutes then they started up again.  The picture says exactly how they felt about having to hold hands.  They were LIVID.
 Sweet Frog!

 Dinner and shooting pool with Cooper.

 Nothing beats Johnny Rocketts milkshakes.

 Isn't it a shame he has zero personality?
 Still running.....
 Enjoying one of the last few days of the pool...
 Ugh, mosquitoes.  I HATE THEM.
 Me and my girl Ellie.

 And Hannah.

 I think we have enough Nerf guns.......
 But mommy, I want to wear my helmet to eat dinner.
 He's dangerously good with this thing.
  New kicks make me faster....or something like that!

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