Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Scavenger Hunt

Holy cow, it was almost 80 degrees today!  So glad we got to hit up the park with our favorite girls!  Erin and I wanted to get some exercise so we thought doing a scavenger hunt would entertain the kids long enough for us to get some walking in.  I found a scavenger hunt sheet on Pinterest (duh), brought a clipboard, and some crayons and we headed out.  They were in search of a squirrel (which surprisingly we didn't find), a bug, a dog, rocks, leaves, swings, trees, etc.  Vince was all about it and led the way.
Once we were done hunting, we had to swing and slide a few times.  
 Dom and Ellie got in the swing for the first time.  They loved it!!!

I love this weather.....just wish I was ready for shorts....must lose 10 more pounds!!!!

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